I Guess We’re Lizard People Now

No, not that kind of lizard people. Our house has a basement. It's not a nice finished basement where you might host Super Bowl parties or movie marathons, but it's a basement, and that was a requirement when we were searching for a house in an area known for devastating tornadoes. The basement gets damp... Continue Reading →

Summer’s Sunset

We went to the lake again this weekend, probably for the last time this year. It was a quieter trip, but still enjoyable, and it was evident that summer (actual seasonal summer, not calendar summer that dictates school and fashion and craft store decorations) is winding to a close. There were fewer boats on the... Continue Reading →

Are We Getting Stupider?

A lot of social media has become a cesspool, but one of the few remaining bright points on Facebook for me is a science group that I follow where members routinely ask genuine questions and people weigh in. Some of the questions are "traditionally science-y" and it provides a great opportunity for people who don't... Continue Reading →

Universal Translator

I love language. After time-travel, the alien language translator is probably one of my favorite science fiction themes. Most science fiction uses the highly-technical automatic translator as a simple solution to the obvious problem of interplanetary linguistic differences. After all, it doesn't take a ton of critical thinking to recognize that Joe from the Bronx... Continue Reading →

A Good Day for Bugs

I'm still feeling kind of lazy, but I walked Pippin and I mowed and it was a good day for cool bugs. I like dragonflies. I don't have anything smart to say about it. I just like them. A block later, this huge moth flew up onto a tree in front of me. When it... Continue Reading →

Successfully Adulting

I try to post here two or three times a week and usually post on Mondays, but I didn't get it done yesterday because I was busy being a Responsible Adult ™️. I mean, I didn't go apply for or pay off a loan or call to make my very own doctor's appointment or anything,... Continue Reading →

Out of Time

Several years ago, I worked as a legal assistant at a law firm. One of the attorneys I worked for mostly practiced employment law and asked me to prepare several folders for a new matter she was setting up for a client. My elation at a folder labeled "Time Travel" was quickly dashed when I... Continue Reading →

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