Hit the Deck

Over the past couple of weeks, I've been wondering why it's so much easier for me to write lately and wondering whether I could have managed to maintain this blog and more traditional employment. I'm fairly sure the answer to the second of those mysteries is "no." I took a little break from writing for... Continue Reading →

I Like Turtles

My parents have a turtle. Sort of. I guess they probably have lots of turtles tottering about on their land, but one in particular shows up in the yard over and over again. For as long as I can remember, I've loved animals. I've only ever had dogs, cats, and fish as pets, though, and... Continue Reading →

Friday Funny

It took a while for my brain to boot up this morning. It probably had something to do with the neighbors beginning their fireworks celebrations early. I scrolled idly through Facebook while I ate breakfast and saw the following advertisement: I blinked. What is that? Large wooden lobster claws? I guess you hold the rounded... Continue Reading →

My Voice

I think smoking is disgusting. I personally choose not to smoke because, on the most basic level, I just find the smell repulsive. I could argue that smoking is "morally wrong" because it is disrespectful of the smoker's own body, of the people around the smoker who are perhaps unwillingly subjected to secondhand smoke, and,... Continue Reading →

Emergency Plumbing

Every so often, usually after Kalen and I finish a house project, my mom will casually ask, "What's your next project?" and I'm always hesitant to answer this question. I'm learning that homeownership in general invariably involves a never-ending list of tasks, and even more so with an older home. Some of the tasks are... Continue Reading →

Tell Me, Where is Gandalf?

I have a habit of buying plants based not on whether I think I can keep them alive, but on what the particular cultivar is named. I'm a sucker for a good name. I've fallen prey to a Frozen Margarita hosta, now planted happily next to a Guacamole hosta, and not far from my Mojito... Continue Reading →

Statistics and Inferences

I can tell I've already lost you. It's not your fault; I picked a crummy title. Statistics are boring. This one's more for me, anyway. Thinking out loud. Well, not out loud, because this is written word and not spoken word. Unless you're using assistive programming to read this to you. I digress. I've long... Continue Reading →

Your Epidermis is Showing

I've heard that regular exercise and strength building are supposed to improve your balance and by extension make you less clumsy. Allegedly. I've never been "fit" but I exercise pretty regularly, and my balance is pretty good and improving. I always have been and even with improved fitness, remain clumsy, so I'm pretty skeptical about... Continue Reading →

Science v. Superstition

I like science. I don't know if it's a natural inclination or a learned one, because it's just always been there. My dad is a semi-retired physics teacher and even when I was very small, he has always taken the time to explain the science in everything to me. Saturday mornings as a kid always... Continue Reading →

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