Time Away

I've been away from the library now for about two months. I don't talk about it much because there are a lot of mixed emotions there. I spent six and a half years in that job, and it was easily the most enjoyable I've held so far. But the way I left and the reasons... Continue Reading →

Short Stay Vacay

Summer weather is undeniably here. We've had heat advisories the last several days as temperatures remind me of my elementary school days (which is to say, "in the mid-90's") and humidity thickens to the point that just stepping outside results in a fine sheen of sticky sweat. It's kind of terrible, but a sick part... Continue Reading →

Foghorn: Allergies and Confusion

I don't know what I'm allergic to, I mean aside from amoxicillin and plastic band-aids. I didn't experience seasonal allergies until I went to college, and then it was something that would blow in every autumn. I've avoided it the last couple years; I think masking up to avoid COVID helped keep lots of stuff... Continue Reading →

On Royalty

Queen Elizabeth's Jubilee celebration has once again flooded my media with news of the British royal family, as happens every so often. I always view it as sort of "soft news," and a welcome break from the heavy, anxiety inducing, end-of-the-world topics typically comprising the news. After all, the royal family has no real effect... Continue Reading →

Further Adventures in Paddle Boarding

We just got back from a weekend with my parents at the lake. Growing up in central Missouri, I was aware of two lakes. Almost anyone I encountered outside of my immediate family referring generally to "the lake" meant Lake of the Ozarks, and if my family was saying "the lake," it meant Truman Lake.... Continue Reading →

I’m a Little Tea Pot

Okay that title is almost entirely inaccurate, because it's not me, it's a plant, and it's not really little, and more tall and thin than short and stout, and it's actually a tea cup not the pot, and if we're getting really technical it was labeled as coffee cup, but all the research I did... Continue Reading →

Splish Splash

I did it! We did it! We did the thing! Saturday was sunny and pleasant and after taking a nice long morning walk to a new local coffee shop to tire out the dog and energize ourselves, and then working on a few things around the house, I stepped outside to discover that it had... Continue Reading →

Sunny Days, Chasing the Clouds Away

Ha-HA! Now you have the Sesame Street theme song stuck in your head! I've been quiet on here for a couple days again. I've been writing, just not this. And since I've been writing things I'm not ready to share, and because it's been raining, I didn't really have much to report. We have sunshine... Continue Reading →

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