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When I started this website, I envisioned it serving as a sort of digital resume. I’ve changed direction, but I’m still proud of these projects and am showcasing them here for safekeeping and easy access. While these projects may have concluded, I continue to learn from their successes and shortcomings alike.


Informational Video

Like nearly every other business in the world, the Carthage Public Library closed its doors to the public for a period of time. In that time, the library also suffered a disastrous flooding accident. I created a series of videos explaining the curbside and remote services being offered during the closure and sharing the extent of the water damage. These videos were shared to the library’s Facebook page and resulted in significantly increased traffic.


STEAM Events

I assisted with the majority of the children’s programming, but my favorite moments were STEAM events, especially those coordinated with the Summer Reading Program. For the 2019 theme Universe of Stories I led an event examining kid-friendly propulsion. Participants hypothesized and tested different combinations of soft drinks and Mentos and constructed and launched water rockets.

Image of water rockets not found 🙁


Book Review Column

This project was unfortunately short-lived, but I immensely enjoyed it. I briefly wrote a book review column for the Carthage Press on behalf of the Carthage Library. The paper was published weekly, though the column was less regular, and met its untimely demise when the paper went out of print.

I was allowed to write a short review of whatever book I was currently reading. I had five reviews published and two submitted but unpublished when the paper ended publication in late 2018. Full text of reviews available upon request.


Retaining Wall

While not a part of any professional responsibility, I am still proud of this project and the hard work and tenacity it represents.

When the COVID-19 pandemic cancelled our European vacation, my husband and I took our time off work to tackle a signficant home improvement project. We dug out old, rotten railroad ties and installed retaining wall along the side of our property. It was certainly a team effort as my husband and I both worked to dig out the soil and many rocks, but he is the first to tell you that I laid and leveled all the blocks myself.

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