My Voice

I think smoking is disgusting. I personally choose not to smoke because, on the most basic level, I just find the smell repulsive. I could argue that smoking is "morally wrong" because it is disrespectful of the smoker's own body, of the people around the smoker who are perhaps unwillingly subjected to secondhand smoke, and,... Continue Reading →

Tell Me, Where is Gandalf?

I have a habit of buying plants based not on whether I think I can keep them alive, but on what the particular cultivar is named. I'm a sucker for a good name. I've fallen prey to a Frozen Margarita hosta, now planted happily next to a Guacamole hosta, and not far from my Mojito... Continue Reading →

Sunny Days, Chasing the Clouds Away

Ha-HA! Now you have the Sesame Street theme song stuck in your head! I've been quiet on here for a couple days again. I've been writing, just not this. And since I've been writing things I'm not ready to share, and because it's been raining, I didn't really have much to report. We have sunshine... Continue Reading →

A Stand-Up Gal

A couple of months ago I bought a stand-up paddle board, and it's driving me crazy that I still haven't had a chance to try it out. The fact that it's stored in a closet upstairs combined with the knowledge that I don't even know if I can stand-up paddle board outside the safety of... Continue Reading →

It Comes in Pints?!

I gave blood today. I do this semi-regularly, which is to say not as often as the blood bank would like me to, but at least a few times a year. I'm not trying to boast or talk myself up. I'm really just writing about this to record what I did and to maybe encourage... Continue Reading →

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

When I woke up this morning, my first lucid thought was, "Hang on. That damn fan is off again. I definitely turned it on when I got up to pee a few hours ago." And then I wondered if, however unlikely, Kalen had gotten cold and turned it back off. Then our security system chirped... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Update

I didn't write anything yesterday, which is bad because I'm trying to get into the habit of writing a little something every day, even if it's not posted here. I'm not beating myself up over it, though, because I spent most of yesterday familiarizing myself with new software to create a logo for this page,... Continue Reading →

The Callaway Cryptid Caught on Camera!

My parents live out in the country on several acres of woodland. It was a lovely place to grow up, especially for the socially awkward introvert that I have always been, and visiting is always a nice getaway. We can look out into the woods at the stunning variety of wildlife: a plethora of birds,... Continue Reading →

Still Learning

This one is boring. You don't want to read it. Unless you're suffering from insomnia, I guess. In which case, have at it, and you're welcome. I think I'm going to set myself a goal to try and write at least a little something every* day. (*okay, by "every" I'm not including weekends or when... Continue Reading →

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