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A Good Day for Bugs

I’m still feeling kind of lazy, but I walked Pippin and I mowed and it was a good day for cool bugs.

I like dragonflies. I don’t have anything smart to say about it. I just like them.

A block later, this huge moth flew up onto a tree in front of me. When it flew it looked like a fat hummingbird and you could actually hear its wings going thp-thp-thp-thp-thp-thp. I held my hand up to get a good scale (sorry, no banana), and got a picture before it flew off, but it flew at my face and over my shoulder, and I didn’t see where it went, so I wondered for a while if I was walking around with a giant moth on my back or something. Also, I really hate the way my hand looks in the picture, so I’m not sharing that one. You just get the basic picture, but know that its body was at least two inches long.

It must be a really good time for big moths right now. On Saturday we walked to the coffee shop and Pippin found a large moth on the door of the coffee house and then I saw a big green pandorus sphinx moth on the sidewalk. I shared a picture of it on the Quid Facis Instagram and Facebook pages but for those of you who don’t follow those accounts, I’ll share it again here, because it was a cool moth and it feels more balanced to share three big pictures than two.

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