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I finally got my second covid booster shot yesterday, so I’ve been fairly worthless today. It hasn’t been too bad; from what I’ve heard I’m pretty fortunate in my vaccine reaction. My arm is a little stiff and I think I’ve had a mild fever on and off with some mild aches. If I had a regular job, I think I would have been fine to go to work, as I did when I got the last three shots.

I don’t have to go to a regular job though, so I napped most of the day. But I am doing this pretend job of being a blogger, even if it is a short and pretty pointless post today. I did skip the gym, though, but I still walked Pippin this morning. I’m still a little worn but I can tell I’ll be back to normal tomorrow.

And it’s definitely worth it. I love how the covid vaccines have been made available at no charge. I wish the rest of our medical system would follow suit. And we were able to get the new bivalent booster shots, so now we’re protected against covid and Omicronian invasions, which is good because those Omicronians love conquering planets.

Kalen just told me that’s not what it means. It means we have protection against the omicron variants of covid. Oh well, still good.

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