Summer’s Sunset

We went to the lake again this weekend, probably for the last time this year. It was a quieter trip, but still enjoyable, and it was evident that summer (actual seasonal summer, not calendar summer that dictates school and fashion and craft store decorations) is winding to a close. There were fewer boats on the... Continue Reading →

Little Things on a Big Walk

When I woke up this morning it was only 66 degrees, so we took advantage of the cooler temperatures with an extra long walk. Because Kalen's office is less than a mile from our house, we sometimes do a "walking school bus" when the mornings are mild and pleasant. Once, we walked Kalen to work... Continue Reading →

The Birds and the Bees (and the Turtles)

No, not that "the birds and the bees." In preparing to write this anecdote about the literal birds and actual bees in my back yard, I briefly paused to research where that inane euphemism comes from and even with the little information I found, it seems at best a horribly inefficient explanation of reproduction. Accurate... Continue Reading →

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