Quid Facis? (kwid fah-kis) Latin. What do you do? What are you doing?

I quit my job at the library in April 2022 in pursuit of something new. I started this website to both ask and answer the eternal question What do you do? I’m documenting my daily doings and teaching myself new skills. Sometimes I’m kind of funny. If you like what you find, subscribe and tell all your friends.


Film Friday: Skeleton Keys

I had a stronger-than-usual coffee and couldn’t sit still long enough to write, so I made this short video instead. (Yes, I know it’s not really film, and no, this won’t be a regular thing.)

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The Birds and the Bees (and the Turtles)

No, not that “the birds and the bees.” In preparing to write this anecdote about the literal birds and actual bees in my back yard, I briefly paused to research where that inane euphemism comes from and even with the little information I found, it seems at best a horribly inefficient explanation of reproduction. Accurate…

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SUP, fam!

I’m not really the kind of person to refer to people as “fam” (I’m just old enough that I suspect I’m using it incorrectly, or else using it after it’s already on its way back out.) I’m also not really the kind of person to ask, “sup?” so I’m just really killing it with this…

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Island Adventure and an Impromptu Malacology Lesson

The sweltering temperatures of the first half of our family trip to the lake weren’t a fluke. The NOOT even has the audacity to claim that it’s my fault, since I planted those coffee cup elephant ears that are most enjoyable in the rain, certainly condemning us to drought for the rest of the summer.…

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Fun in the Sun

One of my greatest struggles when it comes to writing regularly is that in order to have something to write about, I have to take a break from writing and go do something. Not like, “step back, have a cup of tea.” I don’t struggle with that at all. If anything, I’m too good at…

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(Di)vine Intervention

I first encountered trumpet vine many years ago riding my bike on the Katy Trail in central Missouri. The Katy Trail is a recreational trail that has been established along the old Missouri-Kansas-Texas railroad and goes across the state from Clinton to Machens. In the hot, muggy summer, tendrils of trumpet vine creep onto the…

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