Quid Facis? (kwid fah-kis) Latin. What do you do? What are you doing?

I quit my job at the library in April 2022 in pursuit of something new. I started this website to both ask and answer the eternal question What do you do? I’m documenting my daily doings and teaching myself new skills. Sometimes I’m kind of funny. If you like what you find, subscribe and tell all your friends.


Tell Me, Where is Gandalf?

I have a habit of buying plants based not on whether I think I can keep them alive, but on what the particular cultivar is named. I’m a sucker for a good name. I’ve fallen prey to a Frozen Margarita hosta, now planted happily next to a Guacamole hosta, and not far from my Mojito…

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Statistics and Inferences

I can tell I’ve already lost you. It’s not your fault; I picked a crummy title. Statistics are boring. This one’s more for me, anyway. Thinking out loud. Well, not out loud, because this is written word and not spoken word. Unless you’re using assistive programming to read this to you. I digress. I’ve long…

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Your Epidermis is Showing

I’ve heard that regular exercise and strength building are supposed to improve your balance and by extension make you less clumsy. Allegedly. I’ve never been “fit” but I exercise pretty regularly, and my balance is pretty good and improving. I always have been and even with improved fitness, remain clumsy, so I’m pretty skeptical about…

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Science v. Superstition

I like science. I don’t know if it’s a natural inclination or a learned one, because it’s just always been there. My dad is a semi-retired physics teacher and even when I was very small, he has always taken the time to explain the science in everything to me. Saturday mornings as a kid always…

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Time Away

I’ve been away from the library now for about two months. I don’t talk about it much because there are a lot of mixed emotions there. I spent six and a half years in that job, and it was easily the most enjoyable I’ve held so far. But the way I left and the reasons…

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Short Stay Vacay

Summer weather is undeniably here. We’ve had heat advisories the last several days as temperatures remind me of my elementary school days (which is to say, “in the mid-90’s”) and humidity thickens to the point that just stepping outside results in a fine sheen of sticky sweat. It’s kind of terrible, but a sick part…

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