When I was a kid at church camp way back when, one of the silly camp traditions was that whenever the director or a counselor said they had an announcement, we all would break into a song about announcements, and the actual announcing could only commence once the song had finished. Even though it’s been decades, I still have to bite my tongue to choke back the tune when I hear the word, and as I’ve used it here several times now, I feel compelled to apologize to any of you who may have had a similar upbringing. You may now sing your song:

Okay, now that that’s over, I do have some news to share. I’ve been short on words here lately. Although it may have looked like I’d abandoned this endeavor (like so many others in my past), I haven’t forgotten about you, and while I am back and hoping to post at least a little more regularly again, I won’t promise that it’ll be even at least a weekly occurrence. Things are going to look a little different around here. They started looking different at my house first, starting with the coffee table.

I know you probably don’t know what my coffee table looked like before, and while it was in a perpetual state of disarray, the items cluttering the table changed suddenly and drastically. (I also get that this picture would be even more meaningful if you could see the label on the vitamins, but I’m not always very aware of my surroundings and, to avoid people seeing the vitamins and getting excited before there was anything to be excited about, I tore off the side with the big pink “Prenatal Vitamins” declaration.)

Quid Facis? What are you doing? For the last several months I have been doing a very little and a very lot. My day to day has been filled with napping and snacking and frequent trips to the bathroom (none of which make for very good blog content), but I’ve also been hard at work building a tiny human. Now that I’m out of the first trimester, I have a little more energy, a little less nausea, and one less secret to keep.

Because I just write about life as I experience it, and that experience is changing significantly, content here will also change, but this isn’t about to turn into a parenting blog. First of all, I don’t have the experience to pretend like I can give anyone advice about any of this. Second of all, that’s just not my jam, and I don’t want to write about something I wouldn’t want to read. But there will obviously be posts related to this new adventure, and hopefully they will remain (or become, if they weren’t before) entertaining.

Even though it’s not a secret anymore, there isn’t a whole lot of information to share yet. The baby will be due in late spring (so expect more radio silence around then). We don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl yet, and while we are planning on finding out, we haven’t decided if we’re going to share that information. We do have a temporary nickname, Moopsy, which makes storytelling easier, and honestly for privacy reasons, might be what I continue to call the kid on the Interwebz even after we have a real name.

Thank you for sticking around while I was napping and rediscovering the simple perfection of saltine crackers.

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  1. My heart is full with your news about Moopsy’s soon-to-be arrival. 🥰 Sending much joy to you!
    And the Announcements song will be in my head the rest of the day! 😄

  2. Congratulations sweet girl! Can’t wait to meet little Moopsy! If you need anything, we’ll you know we are right here. ♥️

  3. Congratulations Holly & Kalen! We are happy for you.

    (BTW, I support a birthdate surprise announcement for sharing name and sex. Keeping everyone guessing and begging for info is very entertaining.)

    1. Thank you! We’re definitely keeping the name a secret until the birth, but I’m not confident in my secret keeping abilities for the sex lol but yeah, I love the idea of keeping people guessing!!

  4. Congratulations to you both! Although few parents take this route, I have to speak up for the advantages of finding out the baby’s sex but not telling anyone until the baby makes an appearance. We did this once and it was a lot of fun for us. Whatever you decide, enjoy as you step into this new world.

    1. Thank you! I’d love to do it that way but I’m not confident in my secret keeping abilities! Just keeping quiet through the first trimester was so hard!

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