When I was a kid at church camp way back when, one of the silly camp traditions was that whenever the director or a counselor said they had an announcement, we all would break into a song about announcements, and the actual announcing could only commence once the song had finished. Even though it's been... Continue Reading →

The Wrath of Sparky

I had not anticipated an update to my last post so soon. Sparky was evidently not fried in his attempt to interfere with the electrical grid. Instead, he has teamed up with the NOOT (Natural Orneriness of Things) to sabotage my lights and my blog. As soon as I hit "publish" on my post saying... Continue Reading →

Sparky Saga Part Three: Wired Science

After having our patio lights destroyed by a particularly misguided squirrel on two different occasions, I was left with no option but to apply the scientific method to the problem. Step 1: Observation/Question - The squirrels (possibly one particular individual, "Sparky") are chewing the lightbulbs off my string of patio lights/how do I make the... Continue Reading →

Marian Days

I started writing up a whole thing about how I didn't have anything to talk about and how I'm pretty sure that meant my brain was broken, but then I remembered A Thing I Did, so I made friends with the delete key and started over. A couple weeks ago I did a fun thing... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt

Daily writing promptWas today typical?View all responses I know I need to write more regularly, and lately I've been drawing blanks on anything to say, which makes writing a bit more of a slog, so I'm trying something new and responding to the "Daily Writing Prompt" on the WordPress home screen. I think I encountered... Continue Reading →

Sparky Strikes Again

Pippin is a very gentle dog, though you might not guess it to look at him. He actively smiles, and only people who have had a smiler of their own recognize this look as one of love and excitement as it is admittedly similar to a snarl. Sometimes we meet people who tell us that... Continue Reading →

Randomly Accessed Memories

You know that thing our brains do when we're falling asleep and we remember something from the distant past with no real reason? Most of the time it's something mortifying that we have desperately tried to forget but can't, like when you accidentally called your teacher "mom" or loudly farted while giving a presentation in... Continue Reading →

Pire en Pire

Even though our trip to France is over and we don't have another on the books, I'm still practicing my French with Duolingo so that when we do go back I'm closer to being fluent (and also because I just like learning languages). This past week, a new phrase I learned was pire en pire... Continue Reading →

Silver Dollar City

After becoming a "real adult" (actually, I'm not sure I ever did that, what does that even mean?) a lot of the traditional summertime activities that I loved as a kid kind of dropped out of my life. I didn't have summers off and I hate the crowds that weekends bring to so many of... Continue Reading →

Make An Assessment: London Pass

Now that I've told you almost everything about our two weeks on the other side of the Atlantic ocean (except for, I guess, some of the lodging food, but that could still come up soon; not like, regurgitation, it's long since digested, but like, I might still do a post on it), I want to... Continue Reading →

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