The Wrath of Sparky

I had not anticipated an update to my last post so soon. Sparky was evidently not fried in his attempt to interfere with the electrical grid. Instead, he has teamed up with the NOOT (Natural Orneriness of Things) to sabotage my lights and my blog.

As soon as I hit “publish” on my post saying everything was looking good so far, Sparky found a way to chew through the lights again, extenders be damned.

And of course, we still didn’t catch it on camera.

But he didn’t manage to chew the wire on both sides of the bulb, which leaves me the faintest inkling of hope that he was on the wire at the time and at least looked like the idiot he is when he fell.

He also apparently chewed through the twine this time around, which is only surprising because he didn’t do it last time. I’m sure the twine has no remaining traces of peppermint oil, and honestly it seems more inviting a gnaw than the electrical wires.

But I’m out of ideas again, so I suppose the battle rages on.

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  1. Part 1 gave me flashbacks to my childhood when squirrels occasionally got into the transformers and didn’t come out. But these were redesigned and I have faith that you’ll either figure out how to stop him or just start feeding him in the Scream mask or a ridiculous picnic table.

    1. We definitely get squirrels in the transformers from time to time! I figured that’s what had happened, but apparently not!

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