Make Like a Tree

It's after Thanksgiving now, which means it's officially acceptable for me to upgrade autumn things for winter things, but it also means that I'm in that post-holiday turkey-induced slump where I don't have much energy or motivation to trudge up to the attic and dig out the Christmas decorations, so I'm just going to write... Continue Reading →

Uneventful Update

I've been writing a little less than usual because I've been doing a little less than usual. The weather has turned positively wintery (we even had the tiniest dusting of snow this week!) and most of my activities have been boring, routine maintenance things like making sure that the hoses got disconnected from the outside... Continue Reading →

Oh Deer, Is It That Time Again?

Eons ago, when Facebook had only just begun its rapid decline into rabid division, I enjoyed with one afternoon's lunch a particularly delightful piece of bread. The flavor was developed and balanced, the crust crackly and golden, and the inside open and exquisitely chewy. It was the chewiness that got me that day, the shining... Continue Reading →

Confusmas Cactus

I still haven't gotten used to having all my plants inside for the winter which is good because it means I actually remember to water them. As I watered them this weekend, I noticed that two of my succulents have buds on them, which is exciting. I don't want to name the ones that have... Continue Reading →

All Hallow’s… Afternoon?

Happy Halloween, friends! We don't do a lot for Halloween. We aren't really partiers and we don't have kids to take out in search of candy. As has become the custom in our house, we probably will have a pretty quiet evening watching a spooky movie and handing out candy to trick or treaters. We... Continue Reading →

Unsolved Mysteries

I like having answers. Don't we all? That's why fear of the unknown is such a uniting theme. One of the best things about working at the library was the professional excuse to look up answers to almost any question that popped into my head. But there are some questions that I will never have... Continue Reading →

Unwinding Time

I've written before about the capricious nature of time and how I suspect it passes at different speeds in specific locations like currents of water speeding through rapids and slowing in protected inlets. I won't bore you by repeating all that, but I had an embarrassing realization this morning, and my posts haven't been particularly... Continue Reading →


I didn't sleep very well last night. I actually had a dream that I was tired, but had to wait for something to happen before I could go to bed. It felt like that Mitch Hedberg bit about not wanting to dream because next thing you know you have to build a go kart with... Continue Reading →

How the Mighty Fall

I'm going to share a controversial opinion. Please don't hate me or at least get your finger away from that "unsubscribe" button. Okay, here it goes: I don't like fall. Whew! I said it, and I can't take it back. I mean, unless I hit the delete key a few times, or take down this... Continue Reading →


I finally got my second covid booster shot yesterday, so I've been fairly worthless today. It hasn't been too bad; from what I've heard I'm pretty fortunate in my vaccine reaction. My arm is a little stiff and I think I've had a mild fever on and off with some mild aches. If I had... Continue Reading →

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