Sort of Snow Day

My dad always said that in his lifetime at school, both as a kid and later as a teacher for around thirty years, one thing that never got old was the excitement of the snow day, and I must admit, I agree with him. Most adults with typical adult jobs don't get to enjoy snow... Continue Reading →

A Bittersweet Discovery

Kalen left for work after lunch and I watched out the window for a few more minutes, thinking about how the bees were a much more compelling blog topic than the New Year roundup I had planned. I knew I would never get any good pictures from my living room, though, between Pippin's nose art... Continue Reading →

Make Like a Tree

It's after Thanksgiving now, which means it's officially acceptable for me to upgrade autumn things for winter things, but it also means that I'm in that post-holiday turkey-induced slump where I don't have much energy or motivation to trudge up to the attic and dig out the Christmas decorations, so I'm just going to write... Continue Reading →

Oh Deer, Is It That Time Again?

Eons ago, when Facebook had only just begun its rapid decline into rabid division, I enjoyed with one afternoon's lunch a particularly delightful piece of bread. The flavor was developed and balanced, the crust crackly and golden, and the inside open and exquisitely chewy. It was the chewiness that got me that day, the shining... Continue Reading →

Day Trip to Crystal Bridges

Since we moved to Southwest Missouri, Kalen and I have heard numerous people talk about Crystal Bridges. It took us a while to grasp the idea that one could make a quick day trip to another state, but we've gotten used to that (almost), and now, after having lived here for almost eight years, we... Continue Reading →

No Participation Trophy for Me, Thanks!

I've never considered myself particularly athletic, and I recently began to wonder if that was an unusual assessment, since I spend about five hours a week at the gym on top of daily dog walks and the occasional yoga practice (and this summer, a few paddleboarding trips). Those seem like the pursuits of an athletic... Continue Reading →

Summer’s Sunset

We went to the lake again this weekend, probably for the last time this year. It was a quieter trip, but still enjoyable, and it was evident that summer (actual seasonal summer, not calendar summer that dictates school and fashion and craft store decorations) is winding to a close. There were fewer boats on the... Continue Reading →

A Good Day for Bugs

I'm still feeling kind of lazy, but I walked Pippin and I mowed and it was a good day for cool bugs. I like dragonflies. I don't have anything smart to say about it. I just like them. A block later, this huge moth flew up onto a tree in front of me. When it... Continue Reading →

Paddleboarding Shoal Creek

When I first bought my paddleboard, I dreamt of paddling along quiet rivers like the canoe float trips that are so popular in midwest summers. I haven't been canoeing in a long time and wanted to combine what I recall of those trips with the unique way a paddleboard allows you to be both closer... Continue Reading →

Little Things on a Big Walk

When I woke up this morning it was only 66 degrees, so we took advantage of the cooler temperatures with an extra long walk. Because Kalen's office is less than a mile from our house, we sometimes do a "walking school bus" when the mornings are mild and pleasant. Once, we walked Kalen to work... Continue Reading →

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