Confusmas Cactus

I still haven't gotten used to having all my plants inside for the winter which is good because it means I actually remember to water them. As I watered them this weekend, I noticed that two of my succulents have buds on them, which is exciting. I don't want to name the ones that have... Continue Reading →

Tell Me, Where is Gandalf?

I have a habit of buying plants based not on whether I think I can keep them alive, but on what the particular cultivar is named. I'm a sucker for a good name. I've fallen prey to a Frozen Margarita hosta, now planted happily next to a Guacamole hosta, and not far from my Mojito... Continue Reading →

I’m a Little Tea Pot

Okay that title is almost entirely inaccurate, because it's not me, it's a plant, and it's not really little, and more tall and thin than short and stout, and it's actually a tea cup not the pot, and if we're getting really technical it was labeled as coffee cup, but all the research I did... Continue Reading →

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