Working and Playing in Wichita

Before the pandemic, Kalen traveled pretty frequently for work, most frequently to San Francisco, Chicago, and Rhode Island, but he rarely got more than a week's notice for his trips. My previous employer required vacation requests to be submitted a month (more often, six weeks) ahead of time, so I only got to travel with... Continue Reading →


I didn't sleep very well last night. I actually had a dream that I was tired, but had to wait for something to happen before I could go to bed. It felt like that Mitch Hedberg bit about not wanting to dream because next thing you know you have to build a go kart with... Continue Reading →

Short Stay Vacay

Summer weather is undeniably here. We've had heat advisories the last several days as temperatures remind me of my elementary school days (which is to say, "in the mid-90's") and humidity thickens to the point that just stepping outside results in a fine sheen of sticky sweat. It's kind of terrible, but a sick part... Continue Reading →

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