Sort of Snow Day

My dad always said that in his lifetime at school, both as a kid and later as a teacher for around thirty years, one thing that never got old was the excitement of the snow day, and I must admit, I agree with him. Most adults with typical adult jobs don't get to enjoy snow... Continue Reading →

It Is Your Birthday

Today is Pippin's birthday, or at least it's the day we count as his birthday. When I took him to his very first vet appointment, they asked if I was sure about his age. They didn't ask with the perfunctory "just double checking" tone; it was a little more skeptical than that, so I wasn't... Continue Reading →

Little Things on a Big Walk

When I woke up this morning it was only 66 degrees, so we took advantage of the cooler temperatures with an extra long walk. Because Kalen's office is less than a mile from our house, we sometimes do a "walking school bus" when the mornings are mild and pleasant. Once, we walked Kalen to work... Continue Reading →

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