Film Friday: Shall We Play A Game?

I asked Pippin what I should do next and he said that we should play his favorite game, and I said, “But I can’t really write about that,” and he said I should do another video and just show everyone the game. He even said he wouldn’t mind if we had to do multiple takes. And then he reminded me that the best part of the internet is pet videos. He made some valid arguments.

I also thought about calling this Find It Friday, but I did post a video on a Friday and call it Film Friday before, so I guess it’s a theme now (but still don’t count on it happening regularly. Just take a little time and enjoy this video of Pippin’s favorite game: Find It.

Do your pets do any special tricks? What games do you play with them? Drop some comments, and I hope you discover lots of surprise treats in your weekend!

(P.S. Did the video embed and play okay? I’m experimenting with hosting videos on YouTube and embedding to save some of my space on WordPress. This is my first attempt. Cheers!)

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  1. Aww. The video worked. Excellent scenting and dialogue Pippin.

    This reminds me that I should do more of this with my puppers. We can recommend hide and seek.

  2. Oh, that’s my smart grand dog! He really loves a challenge! I think he will be nominated for an Oscar, Holly Bergman, Producer ( Videographer, Trainer, voiceover, key grip)

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