Be Still and Grow

I've been busy getting ready for our big trip coming up, which is finally beginning to feel real, but that means I haven't been writing much here. I've done a little writing on other things, and I watched a webinar about writing science fiction, but I've been a little bit stumped on blog material. I... Continue Reading →

Oh Deer, Is It That Time Again?

Eons ago, when Facebook had only just begun its rapid decline into rabid division, I enjoyed with one afternoon's lunch a particularly delightful piece of bread. The flavor was developed and balanced, the crust crackly and golden, and the inside open and exquisitely chewy. It was the chewiness that got me that day, the shining... Continue Reading →

A Good Day for Bugs

I'm still feeling kind of lazy, but I walked Pippin and I mowed and it was a good day for cool bugs. I like dragonflies. I don't have anything smart to say about it. I just like them. A block later, this huge moth flew up onto a tree in front of me. When it... Continue Reading →

Photos and FoMo

The term "FoMo" has only been around for a few years to the best of my knowledge, and if you've avoided hearing it for this long, a) welcome back to society, and b) it means "Fear Of Missing Out," a feeling you must not have experienced being so out of touch for so long. I... Continue Reading →

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