Be Still and Grow

I’ve been busy getting ready for our big trip coming up, which is finally beginning to feel real, but that means I haven’t been writing much here. I’ve done a little writing on other things, and I watched a webinar about writing science fiction, but I’ve been a little bit stumped on blog material. I think I’ve also been more aware of unnecessary chatter lately and didn’t feel like contributing to the noise.

No matter how busy I get, though, Pippin still insists on daily walks (as long as those April showers aren’t too heavy). This is one of my favorite times of year, so I’ve especially enjoyed our walks and watching spring unfold. Everything is getting greener and now that the Bradford pears are dropping their petals, I can better enjoy all the other blooms without the dog shit smell. I’m not a great photographer, but here are some pictures of the new growth I’ve been enjoying, now with 25% less blathering!

Even some of the weeds are pretty this time of year (I’m looking at you, Dead Nettle and Wild Violet).

Anyway, with spring come brighter days.

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