Sparky Saga Part Three: Wired Science

After having our patio lights destroyed by a particularly misguided squirrel on two different occasions, I was left with no option but to apply the scientific method to the problem. Step 1: Observation/Question - The squirrels (possibly one particular individual, "Sparky") are chewing the lightbulbs off my string of patio lights/how do I make the... Continue Reading →

Easter Egg Hunting for Nerds

A few months ago, Kalen ordered some UV flashlights off Amazon. He needed them for work to check some kind of coating on specialty circuit boards they were making, but he has often found that it is more efficient to order things for work from personal accounts and have the company reimburse him. So of... Continue Reading →

Science v. Superstition

I like science. I don't know if it's a natural inclination or a learned one, because it's just always been there. My dad is a semi-retired physics teacher and even when I was very small, he has always taken the time to explain the science in everything to me. Saturday mornings as a kid always... Continue Reading →

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