Still Learning

This one is boring. You don’t want to read it. Unless you’re suffering from insomnia, I guess. In which case, have at it, and you’re welcome. I think I’m going to set myself a goal to try and write at least a little something every* day. (*okay, by “every” I’m not including weekends or when we go away. That might happen, but I’m not going to hold myself to those. Or maybe I’ll write but not publish, you don’t know.) The point is, I want to increase how much I’m exercising this skill.

I’m also still working on figuring out WordPress. It’s going okay, so far, for being only my second day. Uploading and embedding photos went alright yesterday. I’m assuming videos are similar, but are, obviously, larger files. I haven’t tried linked videos yet. Here’s a video I made for the library that I’m pretty proud of. I wrote the script and recorded myself and edited together the security footage:

Just kidding. Apparently that’s a feature you have to pay for. Which, I get. Larger files like that require more server space and probably more power to run. So playing around with video is going to have to wait. I’m not even sure I can just embed linked video for free, so even if I upload my videos to YouTube and keep them private, I don’t think I can put them here. Another day, then.

Went for a walk again this morning. It’s warm and windy, so the forecasted storm tonight might be a doozy. I also spent (too much) time this morning playing Bloons TD6+ which wasn’t particularly productive, but it was fun. And I got to round 245 (on easy, but it was still pretty impressive and the best solo game I’ve done so far).

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