Cold (and Wet) Feet

Yeah, yeah, I said I’d try to write every day, and then I was gone for several days, but first it was the weekend and then we went away on a mini vacation for a couple days and we were doing vacation activities. Also there was no wifi.

We went to Bennett Spring State Park and did a little fishing. It was cool and rainy, though, so we also spent a good portion of time in the cabin playing Catan and spades. We took a couple walks in between fishing and rain showers, as well. I took a lot of pictures, but even when I get a good picture, it doesn’t do justice to the actual surroundings. 

The spring pumps out 100 million gallons of water a day, and I don’t know if it was the rain or the time of year but the water was greener and cloudier than usual, although this diminished its beauty in no way. 

I caught a trout. Well, I’m saying I caught a trout. When I got it reeled it in with about 7 feet left before I could grab it, it jumped off the hook. But I was going to release it anyway, so I’m counting it as a catch. It was just saving me some trouble. We can also say it was monstrous. (Monsters can be small, what about Mike Wazowski?). 

I also discovered that I had a leak my waders, but I have to identify where the leak is before I can attempt to patch it. I know it’s on the left side, somewhere below the knee. Thankfully it was a slow leak, so I wasn’t sopping when I got out of the water, but even very cozy wool socks don’t do a lot to keep your feet warm when you’re actively standing in 50 degree water. I fished from the shore after that, which is okay because the air was plenty cool on its own (we usually visit BS in the summer and the cold spring water tempers the burning sun nicely) and also because we got the waders a couple years before the pandemic, and while they still technically fit, they weren’t as comfortable as before I gained quarantine weight that I’ve been trying to shed for two years now. 

I’m not a particularly dedicated fisher, and I often get distracted with questions like, “What’s that crazy bird?” or “Is my dog still chowing down on grass?” or “How is that guy catching another fish when I haven’t had a nibble?” or I want to get a picture of something, and when my phone is in my pocket deep within my waders, I can’t squeeze my arm down in there anymore to dig it out and google answers or snap a quick photo. So the leaky boots were disappointing, but they didn’t ruin the trip by any means.

We are back home now, so it’s back to real life again. Unlike what I’ve heard about Vegas, what happens in Bennett Spring does not entirely stay in Bennett Spring, and Pippin has brought home some river funk. Maybe I’ll squeeze back into my waders before I try to bathe him. Wish me luck!

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