Ehh, Whatcha Got in the Box, Doc?

Along our usual walking route, Pippin and I pass a few houses that are being restored by the local historical society. It’s been a long process that still isn’t finished, and while I often grumble a bit over not having access to the sidewalk for the past three or four years, I really am glad that the buildings are being restored rather than demolished, and I look forward to seeing the final results. It’s also been interesting watching the progress and conjecturing on the reasoning behind the overall process and what the next steps will be and when they might happen.

There are often long stretches with no visible progress (I can only assume interior work is happening then), so when I notice something new, it excites me more than is entirely reasonable. Fairly often there are large vehicles bringing materials or equipment or hauling away debris. I thought for sure they had long ago finished with the demolition process, but yesterday there was a large flatbed with a single wooden crate on it:

The workers who saw me taking this picture gave me the hairy eyeball, so I felt obligated to say something to put their minds at ease; I didn’t want them worrying I was going to report them for some imagined slight. So I casually asked what was in the box.

They said “Which box?” There was, as far as I could see, only one box, but I pointed it out. They shrugged and said it was, “Just materials, straps, something boring like that, I dunno.”

Obviously this confirmed my suspicions about the contents of the box. They must have come up against something really unique to call in special demolition forces like this. Because years of watching cartoons has taught me nothing if not this: wooden crates with reinforced edges transported in overly dramatic means can only contain either a Tasmanian devil or a boxing kangaroo.

Especially if someone tells you that’s definitely what’s not in the crate.

I think the restoration updates are about to get a lot more entertaining.

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  1. Love it! And did you notice the crate has an arrow indicating “this side up”. Really, no one is concerned about the orientation of “material, straps, or something boring like that”! I am with you on this. My money is on the boxing kangaroo! 🤣🤣🤣

  2. My money is on a Tasmanian devil. I’m kinda sad it didn’t clearly say it came from “Acme” though.

    1. That’s why I think it was the Tasmanian devil or the kangaroo. I’m not sure Acme deals in living cargo. If it had said Acme, my guess would have been pest control for a roadrunner infestation. Also, there were no coyotes there to sign for the package.

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