Swimming Surprises

I know we all have those dreams that are so realistic that we're just shocked when we wake up, but do you ever have the opposite happen? Where you have to stop and really assess whether what's going on around you is real? I don't mean the theory that we're all living in a simulation,... Continue Reading →

Unprompted Digital Attack

I worked on various non-blog related things all day, all weekend, in fact, and was doing a pretty good job of getting things accomplished IRL. Then something happened and I thought, "I can write about that! I've got a story to lead into it, it's relatable, a little self-deprecating. Perfect." So I open up WordPress... Continue Reading →

Bean Juice

There was a time in my past when I dreamt of owning a coffee shop. It was a nice dream. One slow morning at my first law office job, the boss asked me to make a pot of coffee. I don't think I made it to his liking because he never asked me to make... Continue Reading →

It Is Your Birthday

Today is Pippin's birthday, or at least it's the day we count as his birthday. When I took him to his very first vet appointment, they asked if I was sure about his age. They didn't ask with the perfunctory "just double checking" tone; it was a little more skeptical than that, so I wasn't... Continue Reading →

Are We Getting Stupider?

A lot of social media has become a cesspool, but one of the few remaining bright points on Facebook for me is a science group that I follow where members routinely ask genuine questions and people weigh in. Some of the questions are "traditionally science-y" and it provides a great opportunity for people who don't... Continue Reading →

Successfully Adulting

I try to post here two or three times a week and usually post on Mondays, but I didn't get it done yesterday because I was busy being a Responsible Adult ™️. I mean, I didn't go apply for or pay off a loan or call to make my very own doctor's appointment or anything,... Continue Reading →

Out of Time

Several years ago, I worked as a legal assistant at a law firm. One of the attorneys I worked for mostly practiced employment law and asked me to prepare several folders for a new matter she was setting up for a client. My elation at a folder labeled "Time Travel" was quickly dashed when I... Continue Reading →

Garden Update

I only have one draft post in the works and I'm not ready to post it, so I'm really feeling the crunch of "Aah! What am I gonna write next? I need to be writing!" Usually I sweat about it for a couple hours and then something happens and I go, "Hey, I can write... Continue Reading →

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