Unprompted Digital Attack

I worked on various non-blog related things all day, all weekend, in fact, and was doing a pretty good job of getting things accomplished IRL. Then something happened and I thought, “I can write about that! I’ve got a story to lead into it, it’s relatable, a little self-deprecating. Perfect.” So I open up WordPress and started a new draft, and this cheeky little application has a prompt in the blank post form. Has it always done this? I don’t think it has, but I’m not certain. I don’t remember installing an update, but there must have been one because there’s also an annoying white space that jumps up and down the bottom of the page and that was definitely not there two weeks ago.

I wouldn’t be so upset; I do often need inspiration and prompting is nice. but the prompt felt a little judgmental.

“What is one thing you would change about yourself?”

Is this LiveJournal or Xanga in the early 2000’s? No, this is a professional, personal, blog, and I’m not an angsty teenager anymore. I write about…. okay, it’s not that different, but I have a little more vision now and I actually paid for this domain. And my audience has shifted from a couple of my my real-life friends to… mostly my mom and her friends (Hi, love you).

I mean, obviously none of us are perfect and we all have things about ourselves we’d like to change, but maybe I don’t want to talk about that here, or maybe I’m trying to talk about myself less, or maybe that’s all I talk about anyway, or maybe I just don’t want to face it in this semi-public arena, alright?

Maybe, WordPress, you should be asking yourself that same question rather than being all judgey with me, because you’re not exactly bug-free yourself.*

*Just to clarify, I mean computer bugs, like issues with programming; I don’t have bugs. Promise.

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  1. Well, I don’t doubt that I am your number one fan! But how do we get others to read? And yes, I love you, too!

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